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@title bukkit - Powerful Minecraft Server Addon
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Lately I was playing with "bukkit": . 
Bukkit is a server addon for vanilla minecraft server. 
As the vanilla minecraft doesn't support addons, it's
technically a deobfuscated and extended version of it.

The benefit of using it is the ability to extend it's
functionality with plugins. And it's also very easy to write own plugins.

So I gave it a go. I was surprised how easy it is to tinker on it.
In 10 minutes I wrote a plugin, that killed every mob spawned 
closer to me than 50 meters with a lightning! That was amazing.

It's API is very clean. I like it very much.

So now I'm working on a plugin, that allows to pray to a deity in order to
load water with holy power. This water then can be used to cleanse locations,
so that no mobs get spawned there. Let's see if I'll' manage it.