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@title Gnami Git browser
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This time I want to present the git repository browser, which is integrated into ["gnami":].

  <ul class="thumbnails">
    <li class="span12">
      <div class="thumbnail">
        <h5>Commit view</h5>
        <p>On this picture you can see a git commit with its tree (files/folders at the time the commit was done).</p>
    </li><li class="span12" style="margin-left: 0;">
      <div class="thumbnail">
        <h5>Commit lineage</h5>
        <p>Here you can see the commit browser, showing the commits and their lineage in a nice HTML5-Canvas graph.</p>

This browser is integrated into this page, so you can check it online right now.

["Here":] you can check the contents of this blog.

["And here":] you can look at the commits of gnami.

hf & gl