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Probably I never told it, but I named my website engine 'gnami'.  It originated
from the previous engine I called 'nami' in honour of the female character from
the anime 'One Piece'. It's due to my habit to give my projects names of
women I mostly respect or like. This may sound silly, but it's how I am.

After I tried to utilize the possibilities of the SCM(Source Code Management) 'git' in combination 
with a website, the prefix 'g' was born and the engine got a new name: 'gnami'.
Not a long time ago, I began to think of a possibility to host a git repo with
the same chest of tools.

So with the current update of 25th July 2012 I introduce a new repository
browser, where you can browse the data and the gnami repositories. Later I'll
use this technology to present you more of my work.

Right now it's very simplistic, and buggy, so that's the issue I'll address
with the next update. Maybe.

Lately I also was teaching myself how to make a simple game like pacman. I'm
using libgdx with eclipse for that, which allows me to develop pretty fast.
So the next repository I'm going to publish will be for this project.

By the way, I improved the layout & style of this page, so that it's looking better (I
think) on mobile devices and has some character to it.

bye, kulpae