Today I spent the whole day configuring my Vim editor. Before I was using carlhuda/janus. I liked it, but I knew I wasn’t using the whole potential of it. I mean, the best thing in vim is the ability to customize so much. After reading several blog posts (e.g. Clif Reeder’s `Leaving Janus for Vim`) I decided to setup my .vim and .vimrc on my own (to a certain degree…).

Here is my new configuration: kulpae/dotfiles.

And that’s how it looks like:

By the way, that’s console. Of course it’s a console emulator. Here it’s XFCE/Terminal, but any other modern emulator would work as well.

And when I open gvim (vims graphical version) it almost looks the same!

I’m so happy now XD.

by kulpae via commit 215df0baf1